WHY RETREAD? To make savings, play a role in sustainable transport and benefit from flexible use. SAVINGS : 2x MORE KILOMETRES per retread. FLEXIBILITY : GET THE BEST from your retreaded tyres + ADAPT YOUR TREAD to suit your needs. Your brand and your distributor are here to advise you. PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT : Retreading DOUBLES the LIFE SPAN of your tyre and saves natural resources. A retreaded tyre = -70% raw materials than a new tyre! ...WITHOUT COMPROMISING ON SAFETY

All TAURUS casings are retreadable and therefore contribute to sustainable development.

TAURUS implements concrete actions on a daily basis with a view to redefining its environmental footprint. This involves increasing the lifespan of its tyres to reduce the number to be processed at the end of their service life, as well as selecting basic materials with the lowest environmental impact.
As a result, TAURUS is committed to the growth of an efficient recycling industry with a view to processing tyres at the end of their service life.

TAURUS tyres entitle you to retreading services and technologies: for more information, contact your dealer.