Regular wear

Use of the tyre's full potential thanks to uniform wear patterns:

  • Front and Drive: optimized contact patch
  • Drive : directional tread patterns
Truck Front

Truck Front

Truck Drive

Truck Drive

Arrows indicating the preferred direction of rotation**

Arrows indicating the preferred direction of rotation**

** Direction of rotation: Some TAURUS truck tyres have a directional tread pattern. We recommend that in such a case the tyre should be mounted respecting the indicated direction of rotation, optimising it’s potential life. If during it’s service life it becomes necessary to turn the tyre on the rim, then we suggest that all tyres on the same axle are turned similarly.

All-purpose winter tyre

3PMSF* this marking indicates a known minimum level of grip performance in snow.

* 3PMSF: 3 Peaks Mountain with SnowFlake, UNECE regulation No. R117

Snow performance indicators:
Indicate when the tyre has optimum winter performance levels

Putting a label on good performance

The tyre's fuel efficiency measured by it’s rolling resistance.

The tyre's wet grip and it's impact on the vehicles safety.

The tyre's exterior noise grading expressed in wavesw and decibels.