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Eddie Holt Eddie Holt, Managing Director of Yorkshire-based HB Holt & Sons, UK

Each of our 97 vehicles travels up to 200,000 kilometres every year, so we were looking for a quality tyre at a competitive price that was consistent across the country ...TAURUS and ATS EUROMASTER were able to offer us an all encompassing solution that meets these requirements, providing us with a straightforward policy, a robust product and first-class customer service nationwide.

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Huw Williams Managing Director of Williams Haulage, UK

Since working with Taurus and ATS Euromaster, we’ve taken a much more structured approach to our tyre procurement, and I feel more confident knowing we have greater control and knowledge about our tyres than ever before. This, combined with the quality of the Taurus product, has helped to increase the reliability and longevity we are getting from our tyres, which has led to efficiency savings of more than £2,500 over the past year.

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Jose Luis Ceacero Managing Director of Ceacero transports - Spain

I would recommend TAURUS tires to haulage and delivery companies, because I think they offer the best value for money. We fit TAURUS tires because we have tried many brands in the past and the one that has proven to offer best value for money is TAURUS.

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