• 1882

    Hungarian company Ruggyanta Arugyár was founded in Budapest in 1882.

  • 1912

    Manufacturing of tyres under the Cordatic brand began in 1912.

  • 1913

    It created the name of the TAURUS brand in 1913, and its symbol in 1923.

  • 1949

    In 1949, Ruggyanta Arugyár was nationalised.

  • 1973

    In 1973, the TAURUS brand covered all products manufactured by the company, with links to the Emergé (equipment for the oil industry), Palma (camping goods, bellows, etc.) and Cordatic brands, among others. That same year, the company became known as Taurus Hungarian Rubber Works.

  • 1974

    In 1974, manufacturing of Truck radial tyres with metal plies began in Budapest, followed by agricultural tyres in 1979 in Nyíregyháza.

  • 1992

    Taurus Agrotyre

    In order to really stand out from the pack, in 1992 the agricultural division decided to create its own entity within the group; it became TAURUS Agrotyre and developed a version of the original logo, while the original was retained by the Truck division.

  • 2015

    Over 50% of the Taurus product line will be renewed from 2013 to 2015: Roads 2F, Roads 2D, Roads 2T.